Patient Information

The Counselor is A RESOURCE!

Nearly everyone has faced challenges that are difficult to resolve independently. Seeking assistance with a problem is a wise decision and a sign of true personal strength. All services are provided in the strict confidence. Your personal information is confidential unless a release waiver is signed or if required by law.

Before Your Visit

  • Prior to your visit with a counselor, prepare for your session.
  • Bring your proof of insurance
  • Bring a valid identification card
  • Bring all documentation from your school, family or individual information that will support your needs for services and assist the agency in meeting your needs.

What to Bring to the First Session

  • Written list of questions
  • Notes about problem
  • History of problem
  • Current medication
  • Supportive individuals, friends or family members

Understanding the session process

  • Therapeutic Assessment
  • Private, Quiet and comfortable environment
  • Personal Assessment
  • Referrals to Appropriate Specialists and/or Clinicians
  • Services will be provided at your home, school and community

How can sessions help?

Counselors are available to assist you with a wide array of situations. The counselor will assist you in a 5 step plan:

  • Clarify the problem
  • Develop an action plan
  • Handle the crisis
  • Resolve the problem
  • Engage in the treatment process